Nov 26, 2005

The handsome one has a brother with three children - two girls and a boy, Matthew age 7, Dejohna age 8, & Dejanara age 9. Can you imagine life in their household? I cannot.

Anyway, we had dinner with the kids and my in-laws tonight before Handsome and I began our trek home. The kids were their usual selves, albeit even more talkative than normal, if that's possible. They have a cute nickname for Handsome - Uncle Blowfish. I have long since forgotten where they came up with this name, but they've used it for several years.

Tonight, Uncle Blowfish was being extra silly with the kids, and they started calling him Uncle Stinky-fish. Which made all three of them crack up like it was the funniest thing any of them had ever heard.

Later, as we were saying our goodbyes, Matty looked up at me and said, "we'll call you Aunt Angelfish." And with that, he stole my heart.


Nov 22, 2005

"You're making the house smell wonderful," said the handsome one as he descended the stairs. At which time he began to eat the cookie dough. And then the cookies. I'm so thankful that he loves me and my cooking!

Baking is my favorite part of the holidays. In fact, I love to bake any time, for any reason, but I rarely make time to do it. It's one of my greatest joys, second only to sharing my cooking with the people I love.

So, tonight, it's White Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies and Pumpkin Squares (think Lemon Bars, only Pumpkin)!


Nov 20, 2005

I bought Trixie a new catnip mouse at the grocery store tonight. It's cute in red velvet with big ears and whiskers. BUT, when I tossed it to her, she reacted somewhat differently than I had hoped.

She sniffed and walked away, uninterested. The cat way of saying, "you might as well have gotten me socks for Christmas."

Update: Ten minutes later, she's walking around with it in her teeth. Like she, personally, chased and killed it. See what I mean by finicky?

Resigned Indignation

Last night we had ravioli in marinara sauce for dinner. The handsome one was helping set the table, carting out napkins, condiments, and plates of food. What a perfect man!

Then, he took his own plate to the table with a canned soda in his hand. As he sat down, he dropped the soda. Right. In. The. Middle. Of. His. Plate.


And he stared at it. Red sauce all over the table, soda can covered in it. One ravioli was perched precariously on the edge. He stared in resigned indignation. And I busted, laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

Then he laughed, too. So, we cleaned it up and reheated his meal. And laughed about it for the rest of the night.

Resigned Indignation - the annoyed acceptance of unfair, undesireable, but inevitable events


Nov 18, 2005

My kitty cat snores. And it is the cutest thing in the whole world. She's sleeping next to me, all curled up on the sofa. Do cats dream?

I've been out all week on a business trip, and the handsome one tells me she missed me. How sweet. But, when I got home from the office today, all she did was meow at me. Not the cute, sweet, I'm-so-happy-you're-back meow, but the big one. MEOW!

This means, roughly translated, "You left me! And while you were gone, I was denied the yummy moist food. You may not sit down until you feed me, so pay attention lady!"

I'm a sucker, and she knows it. So I fed the lioness. And she's happy with me now. Purring and dreaming.

Date Line San Jose

Nov 15, 2005

Major Hotel, 1am: "Attention! Attention! An emergency has been reported in this building. Please cease operations and leave the building utilizing the nearest exit or fire exit stairway. Do not use elevators. Repeat: Do not use elevators."

Major Hotel, 1:05am: "Ladies and Gentlemen, our emergency situation has been returned to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Hotel Terrace, 1:10am: "We're in the heart of Silicon Valley with no power or internet, while all the buildings around us are fully lit. Something is definitely wrong. But at least, smoke isn't pouring from the building."

Hotel Entrance, 1:12am: Firetrucks. "Looks like the situation is not normal."

Major Hotel, 1:15am: "Attention! Attention! An emergency has been reported in this building. Please cease operations and leave the building utilizing the nearest exit or fire exit stairway. Do not use elevators. Repeat: Do not use elevators."

Hotel Terrace, 1:20am: "Do you think we should actually leave the building? Like the folks down there in the parking lot?"

Major Hotel, 1:25am: "Ladies and Gentlemen, our emergency situation has been returned to normal. Repeat, our emergency situation has been returned to normal. By the fire department. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Finally, 2am: Power returns. Sweet Dreams!

Adventures in Laundry

Nov 12, 2005

A couple weeks ago, our dryer began to die. Painful groans initiated every cycle, until it was only groans, and then silence. The dryer doctor made a housecall Friday morning, only to give us the worst news. It's heart had stopped beating. Sure a transplant was possible, but it would be just as easy to replace it altogether.

So that is what we did. After a hundred panicked phone calls, we finally found one - right color, right size, right price. It was an emergency, so we had to bring it home and install it ourselves. Mayhem ensued.

Well, today I am drying clothes. Mountains of clothes. The new dryer is a champ, and the old one sits forelornly in the garage, waiting for a proper burial.

Letting Go

This morning I resigned from assistant teaching my Bible Study class, which was harder than it sounds. I helped to write the curriculum. I've spent three years with my friend and partner working in this class and on the text. We've seen hundreds of women connect to birth new friendships. But Jan was so kind and only concerned for my well-being. She is one of the most amazing women I know.

It is bittersweet because I know that to take hold of another blessing, I have to let go of this one. A major decision has been made which will change our lives. But before we can move forward, Handsome and I have to release some obligations and some joys. With both laughter and tears.

It Gets Even Better

Nov 10, 2005

Tonight I planned to go sit with Leanne a little more. But, I'm sick. Again.

I hate this.

Soul Weary

A week ago Wednesday night, I sat on Leanne's back patio talking about all the changes taking place in our lives. We were celebrating good news and rejoicing in the good fortune that we are friends. She is one of my dearest friends, and I love her to pieces.

Last night, I sat on the end of her hospital bed, and we would rather have been anywhere else in the world. She woke early Tuesday morning in excruciating pain, which was determined to be a soft-ball sized tumor on her one remaining ovary. At 8am this morning, she had her third surgery in four years to fight this demon - Ovarian Cancer. Please God, let this be the last time.

Anyway, to lighten the mood last night, we told jokes and silly stories - anything to keep us laughing instead of crying. And Leanne and I made up a Haiku about Golytle. For the uninitiated - google it, and please forgive us. snicker

I drank and I drank
Golytle is not my friend
I stank and I stank


Haiku for the Handsome One

Nov 9, 2005

My heart is with you
If only we could freeze time
While at the ocean

written by the Handsome One.

More Bamboo Than You Could Shake a Stick At

Nov 8, 2005

So Handsome and I spent a long weekend at the coast. The beach was perfect, but you could see the damage caused by Hurricane Rita. The coastline was covered with bamboo sticks - I've never seen so many before. They made great firewood; we used them every night!

The weather was perfect, and the water was cool. The handsome one photographed the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen, an anniversary gift just for us. He swam, I read, and we stayed up late talking by the camp fire. He brought me seashells; I brought him lunch. We watched the sun set every evening and then watched the stars come out as the tide rolled in.

The moon looked like a little sailboat chasing after the evening star, and we could see the reflection of Orion in the surf. We planned and dreamed and hoped. My best friend is my lover, my husband, my joy.

Hey Little Lizard

Nov 1, 2005

Our new entertainment center was delivered this morning and installed in the niche of our upstairs gameroom. Much to the astonishment of the delivery guy, who asked the handsome one four times if he was absolutely sure the niche was big enough to fit the new furniture.

"Yes. My wife measured it twice. It better fit."

And indeed it does. And Handsome One presented it to me this evening with so much glee. He was like a kid at Christmas.

If we ever move, we'll have to base our search on whether or not there is a perfect place for the entertaiment center. *giggle*

As a side note, I had to re-adjust some of the shelving. Which requires the removal and re-placement of small shelf supporters. You know the ones. They fit into those little pre-drilled holes. The pre-drilled holes that were pre-drilled a liitle too small. Nothing a few gentle hammer taps can't handle. But still....