Jennifer and the Five-Dollar Coffee

Feb 22, 2007

Decaf grande sugar-free cinnamon dolce soy latte no whip

It rocked.

How To Make Tea

Feb 18, 2007

Step #1: Add water!

Intel Inside

Feb 15, 2007

I got to see a fabrication plant at Intel today. Our group was the first sales team from Apple to enter Intel. Ever. Pretty cool. And, yes, they do wear those white jumpsuits - though they call them gowns. Each gown costs about $1,000. But each stack of silicon wafers costs several million, so I guess the dress code is worth it.

Probably the most bewildering moment happened in the ladies room where I read a sign that said, "If you are less than delighted with your experience with this restroom, please notify building maintenance at internal website." Just what kind of experience is one expected to have with a restroom which would result in delight?

Just When You Thought... couldn't possibly get any worse, it does.

Headline: Hollywood Making Milli Vanilli Movie

Tragedy in Advertising

Feb 13, 2007

So...traveling through Portland, OR, today, I passed a Bastesville Casket Company delivery van. In bold friendly letters on the side was written:

"Celebrating the Wonders of Life"

01/15/07: Swimming with the Fishes

Feb 10, 2007

Hawaii Update #4

On Monday, we took a boat tour, a three-hour tour, to Molokini and Turtle Town for a peak at life under the waves. Here are a few things we saw:

What the World is Coming To

Feb 2, 2007

I just don't even know what to think about this. Either it's a ploy by the drug company to make some serious cash or an important preventative measure. Probably the former.

01/13-17/07: Putting on the Ritz

Feb 1, 2007

Hawaii Update #3

On Saturday (13th), we checked in at the Ritz-Carlton, for the company-sponsored portion of our trip. The first thing we noticed was that the grounds were immaculate. Almost too much so. With the exceptions of some well-groomed palm trees, you would have thought we were at Pebble Beach.

Nonetheless, the staff were bright, helpful and attentive. And the toiletries were out of this world. Bulgari "white tea" shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, and lotion. Since I am a self-respecting American woman, I pocketed as many as I could get my hands on. *snicker*

There were a few minor draw-backs to our four-night stay at the Ritz. The walk to our room was about a quarter-mile; at least, the hallway seemed to go on forever. We got lost on our way to several company events - the complex was sprawling. And, the tiny beach, way far away at the bottom of the hill, was turbulent. So much so that in a feeble attempt at body-surfing, I was plowed into the bottom, and my shoulders and head ached for a couple days.

But really, who can complain about a free trip to the Ritz-Carlton?

Long, Strange Day

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book 7) release date announced. Woohoo!

2. Traffic + traffic + more traffic = late for first appointment. Ugh.

3. Wonderful, informative lunch with my Director. Fun!

4. Butchy lesbian tells me how great I look today. Twice. Umm...thanks, I think.

5. Two hour drive that was accomplished in 40 minutes this morning. Grrr.

6. Glass of red wine. Ah.