Love At First Sight

Nov 28, 2007

A couple months ago, I went shopping for boots. But then I spotted this beauty:

The Kenneth Cole Reaction "Front and Center" Mary Jane is officially my favorite pair of shoes, and I wear them every chance I get - with jeans and trousers, for play and for work. I'm wearing them right now with a chocolate brown chenille sweater and taupe trousers. Last weekend, I wore them with dark blue jeans, a burnt orange cashmere t-shirt, and a red suede jacket.

Love, love, love these shoes.

Update: Tonight, I'm in Yakima, WA, where it is snowing! I walked a couple blocks to a restaurant for dinner in the slush and snow. And guess what?!? These shoes have boot tread! Walking in the snow was a breeze! Yay me!

2 Response to "Love At First Sight"

Lucy Says:

What a shame they don't come in black! Or green. Or brown. Or navy :)

I so get it. Personally, I've had a similar shoe experience this week. Now, thanks to one new great pair of black boots later, I'm not actually dreading with every fiber of my exhausted body the Office-Party-From-Hell this weekend.

knighton Says:

The Macy's I bought these at also had them in black with grey detailing. Couldn't find that color online, unfortunately. But, the red just spoke to me. ;-)

Now, you must post photos or links to the excellent black boots. Do they come up to your knees?