Salon Joy

Nov 20, 2007

Life is good when you've just had your haircut. Especially if that haircut looks really good, and reduces the excessive weight one's head must carry. While it is a blessing to have lots and lots of hair, it can be a real pain in the neck (sometimes literally).

Still, there isn't anything like that "just from the salon" feeling. Mainly because your hair won't look this good until the next trip to the hair stylist. Probably because they can actually see the back of your head. And also because they're getting paid to make it look that good.

1 Response to "Salon Joy"

mama's got moxie Says:

oh gosh, my last hair cut was horrible!! i kinda look like i have a curly mohawk now!! can't wait to get back into somebody's salon! hahaha... glad you had a wonderful salon experience... :)