Unfortunate Event

Nov 7, 2007

So, I got a speeding ticket today. Which totally sucks because I had been using my cruise control ALL DAY to stay only 2-3 mph above the posted speed limit. And then I stopped for a restroom break less than 5 miles from my next customer visit. It's only five miles; I don't really need the cruise control for that short of a drive. Right.

Half a mile from the school, I get stopped by a state trooper who is none to happy about people breaking laws on his stretch of highway. He didn't even blink when writing the ticket. Not a smile, not even a "please drive carefully and obey the speed laws" when he released me. He probably saves his joy for other speeders with expired inspection stickers and broken tail lights.

Here's what I noticed - he approached the car on the passenger side. I think that's the tip off: Driver's side and you've got 50/50 odds that they'll let you go with a warning. Passenger's side and you're guaranteed the ticket.

1 Response to "Unfortunate Event"

Leah Says:

I think you are right about the driver's side thing, but I wouldn't know about the passengers side.
The only time I got a ticket was that time in high school when I rear ended someone.