Coffee, black

Dec 6, 2007

Today I had a cup of french-pressed, organic, free-trade coffee. Served black.

I haven't had a cup of black coffee since college, I think. And the experience brought back so many memories of sitting in the rec room on the first floor of the men's dormitory. Sadly, I can't remember what we called that place. I can't even remember the name of the Hall itself. Pathetic.

I do remember the women's dormitory was Veda Hodge Hall. And the women who lived there were Veda Mooses. To this day, I have no idea why we were called that. Moose are not native to Texas.

But, I digress. Black coffee = college and chess and writing code till the wee-hours.

1 Response to "Coffee, black"

Jeff Says:

Jennings was the name of the Men's dorm.

I didn't understand "Veda Mooses" either. It was explained to me that it was not complimentary to the residents or the mooses. It always felt like a bit of pig-tail pulling to me. I never got that either.