Vanity Plates

Dec 10, 2007

I have some strange obsession with noticing vanity plates. Not that I would ever have one myself, but I do enjoy pointing and laughing at those folks who do.

Last week there was this one: HEBOTIT

I'm assuming that Mr. Hebotit gave Mrs. Hebotit that lovely Cadillac SUV as a present. It could also mean that she bought it for herself with the inheritance after he bought the big one.

I saw this one at the mall: BIT

I don't even know where that one comes from. Initials? Kennel operator? Vampire?

And tonight I saw this one at the grocery store: KITEMAN

My first thought was of Handsome who likes to kiteboard. But, it was an aging van parked in a handicapped space, so probably it's some old man who makes kites out of crepe paper and Elmer's glue in his moldy garage next to the rusty van.

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