A Very Good Day

Dec 15, 2007

Today was one of the best work days I've ever had, if not the best. I didn't "sell" anything. No one placed an order or spent any money with me.

But the looks in their eyes. That "AHA!" moment where imagination meets reality, where something they never could have imagined becomes not only possible, but something THEY CAN DO right now, in their next class. It makes it all worth it.

Hearing a teacher say, "I could do this with my kindergartners" or "my third graders would love that" makes it all worth while. All the rejection, every "no" I hear - none of it matters to changing the future for a teacher or a kid.

And when a teacher says, "I need this to do my job better and to help these kids learn better" - the whole world changes. For all of us.

God, I love my job!

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