Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Jan 22, 2008

Oh the things I saw today!

I'm in Northern Idaho & Northwestern Washington this week, and it's seriously cold. Although it's been sunny, the temperatures have been low enough to keep the lakes, rivers, and streets (!) frozen.

As I was driving through the countryside today, I saw:

  • Entire lakes frozen solid and covered in snow. AND there were people out there ice-fishing. At one point, I saw a couple guys* dragging a sled full of fish across said lake. Later that day, I saw a herd of deer way out in the middle of a different lake - not sure what they found to eat out there.

  • A herd of cows in a field covered in snow. Most of these cows were laying down. In the snow! Stupid cows. This is why we eat them.

  • Me, skidding on the ice, barely missing two other cars. Praying louding, swearing mildly. Thanking God I didn't hit anyone or slide into a ditch or embankment. I love and hate snow.

  • A lot of people who looked like this.

*Had to be men out in the middle of a frozen lake. No woman would willingly do that. Feminist or not.

2 Response to "Driving in a Winter Wonderland"

Jeff Says:

Sounds like they found some sushi... can imagine them wishing out loud for some wasabi or some warm edamame with a good salt rub.

knighton Says:

Seaweed salad and sake. The sake would at least keep them warm out there on the ice.