Geeking Out

Jan 16, 2008

Steve Job's much anticipated MacWorld keynote address was yesterday morning. Like all of us who have drunk the Kool-Aid (we know who we are), I want one of everything. Especially the Time Capsule, a combo wireless router and back-up hard drive (for use with Time Machine). It would be nice to recover some desk space and to be able to back-up my data across my wireless network. Yeah, that would be awesome.

And I can't wait to get my hands on a MacBook Air. Even if I can't buy one, I want to fondle it. Thin, light-weight, and beautiful. We really do make the sexiest computers on the market. It's nice that we've integrated the multi-touch trackpad, but I think the lack of an optical drive says something important about the market.

I download most of my software across the Internet, buy music, audiobooks, TV shows, and HD movies (including rental) from the iTunes Store. Is it possible that CDs & DVDs are going the way of the floppy disk?

1 Response to "Geeking Out"

Leah Says:

Your QOTD is priceless. Are you sure you didn't say that?