Smells Like Home

Jan 11, 2008

This morning, I pulled a shirt out of my suitcase, and it smelled exactly like home. Fresh from the wash, so I buried my face in it and absorbed the scent.

"They" say that the olfactory sense is the most powerful link to memory. The funny thing is, home isn't really a memory - it's all the memories, but not any single memory. It's peace, happiness, laughter, chores, safety, so much more.

Years ago, our family was friends with another family. And I absolutely loved the way their house smelled. It was in their clothes and furniture and carpets. It was some undefinable aroma that instantly set my heart at ease. And I tried for years to replicate it, always falling short.

Little did I know that I'd find it in my luggage - fresh from the home Handsome and I created. It set this weary, saleswoman's heart at ease.

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