At Least I Was Wearing A Ponytail

Feb 19, 2008

I woke up this morning extremely nauseated, and with a full schedule of meetings and presentations.

So, like any self-respecting salesperson, I showered and prepped for the day like I might actually make it. Like that first purge of the day was all it would take for my world to be right.

I picked up some Pepto on the way over to my 8:30 AM Mac 101 class for twenty-two teachers at a Catholic school. Twice during my presentation, I threw back a Pepto shot. The nausea persisted.

After three hours, I lost my personal battle. To be precise, my stomach gave up its valiant attempts to restrain its contents.

I screamed, "Please excuse me!" as I raced down the hall to the faculty lavatory, tore off my glasses and suit jacket, and got well acquainted with their porcelain.

And, yea, see how the mighty saleswoman was brought low. Amen.

How was your day?

1 Response to "At Least I Was Wearing A Ponytail"

Leah Says:

eeewwww! I'm so sorry!