Donald Hefeweizen Saves The World (pt.2)

Feb 9, 2008

Jessica wasn't actually from Dallas. Where she was from was Hell. Which, in reality, is a lot like Dallas - hot, congested, polluted, and filled with bad drivers and women with fake bleach-blonde hair, fake nails, and fake boobs.

And that's why she liked to live there. It felt a lot like home, but was far enough away that her dad couldn't drop by unannounced. Much.

No one knew who her dad was. Well . . . everyone knew who her dad was, but they liked to pretend he didn't exist. So did she.

He was the reason she moved to Dallas and became a stock broker. Only, she was the worst stock broker ever to sit in an ergonomic chair at a carved cherry-wood desk. And today, she was about to be fired.

It was turning out to be the worst Thursday of her life. That morning, she had lost some poor sap his entire life savings, a whopping seven million dollars, while simultaneously losing the company nearly as much. No one was quite sure how that had happened. They generally blamed Jessica. And the devil.

They were right.

Her father, THE DEVIL, was trying to convince his wayward daughter to move home and take over the family business. He had arranged for her to be fired from her job, foreclosed on her house, and repossessed of her car.

What he didn't know about was Donald Hefeweizen, HR Director. And he didn't know that his well laid plans were about to be quashed. By an ugly man with a lazy right eye. And a pimple on his chin.

"Ah, Ms. Michaellson. Please have a seat. I have good news! You've been promoted!"

. . . to be continued.

(c) Copyright 2008 Jennifer J. Knighton

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