Gettin' Lucky

Feb 6, 2008

If a black cat crosses your path, it's seven years bad luck. But what happens if a black bunny rabbit crosses your path. In downtown Yakima, Washington. And you stop traffic for it. And people honk. Is that like twenty-one years good luck? Maybe?

And if the bunny makes it safely across the street . . . obviously, he gets into the bunny Hell's Angels, but does he also get some good luck?

Maybe seven years of safe street-crossings. Yeah, that sounds right.

3 Response to "Gettin' Lucky"

knighton Says:

Genius. Sick and twisted genius.

Leah Says:

I once ran over a turtle. And a squirrel.
I laughed about the turtle--it was huge and two girls on the side of the road were about to rescue it, but I didn't see it. When I ran over it, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that its head, legs and tail were protruding from its crushed shell. Ick! The girls looked so sad that I burst into laughter. (Terrible, I know, but you would've done the same.)
Then, the squirrel. know squirrels. They never can make up their minds which way they are going to go. This little one made up his mind that he would go right under my tire. I actually cried. It wasn't like the turtle that I hadn't seen. I really tried to save the squirrel. But, alas, his fate was doomed to my treads.