Something Wrong With The World

Mar 1, 2008

When digital slang takes over the lexicon:

"w00t," an expression of joy coined by online gamers, was crowned word of the year by the publisher of a leading U.S. dictionary.

Massachusetts-based Merriam-Webster Inc. said "w00t" -- typically spelled with two zeros -- reflects a new direction in the American language led by a generation raised on video games and cell phone text-messaging.
Source: Reuters

Enter your humble curmudgeon: "This generation should learn to spell. Hmph!"

7 Response to "Something Wrong With The World"

Leah Says:

How about: "Technology is failing our children."
or: "The United States School Systems are failing our children."
or: "It's time to take your child's education (and cell phone) into your own hands!"

knighton Says:

None of the above. Technology isn't failing kids, and the gov't isn't failing kids. The number one identifier of student success is parental involvement.

You're kids will do great - because you're doing great. Not so much in most other families.

Lucy Says:

Um ... isn't it "Hrmph"?

knighton Says:

Whatever you say. ;-)

QueenValhalla Says:

As a teacher and an online gamer (who, by the way, has never deigned to use the aforementioned nonsensical word), I think this is just another example of corporate America trying to pander to the oh-so-hip masses. No one except academics and dorks like me think dictionaries are cool, so this is their way of trying to sex up their image. Unfortunately, they're doing it without thinking of the consequences of dumbing-down the already dumb-and-dumberer people in our society who are too interested in flash and not interested enough in substance.

Jeff Says:

I like "Harumph!"

(my fav spelled sound is "meh.") :)

knighton Says:

my personal favorite is "gah" followed closely by "doh"