Reptiles From Hell

May 16, 2008

Jeff writes "Little copperhead tried to show me his bigsnake fangs so i shoved a pick axe in its rat hole."

I'm really hoping "rat hole" is a euphemism for some other body part. Because those little copperheads? Those b@$t@rd$ suck. Big time.

When I was three (3!) years old, a little copperhead managed to get his bigsnake fangs into my foot. There were women screaming and iced tea spilling on the porch, glasses shattering, the sun reflecting angrily off Grandpa's big@$$ Bowie knife, Mom and Grandma running across the garden, and four grown men desperately holding me down. And there was shouting. And a little girl voice screaming, wailing, begging "don't let him cut me!"

I woke up in the hospital. Dad had brought Oreo cookies. Mom was crying. I needed six vials of antivenon. Grandpa was as sick as I was.

I still bear a scar. From the knife.

And the little copperhead? He didn't make it.

3 Response to "Reptiles From Hell"

Jeff Says:

What did it feel like? Did it make you feel sick like throwing up and stuff?

My bf-in-law's been bit several times...

"What happens when you get bit?"
"Well, you get the day off for starters..."

Your description beats his. Hurray!

And the rat hole is in the same place as our pie holes.

AND, still doesn't exist :-/

knighton Says:

Here's the sad truth - I just don't remember what it felt like. I was 3, after all.

There are two blank spaces in my memory. From the moment the snake bit to being held down by my dad, uncles and neighbor. And from the moment the knife bit into my skin to waking up in the hospital the next day.

I want to believe that it's my mind's way of sheltering me from re-experiencing that pain.

re: Twitter, I'm thinking about it. ;-)

Anonymous Says:

I remember looking out the screen door. Then someone pulling me away. I just wanted my big sister, and they wouldn't let me near you!
My, how our hearts have been pulled together all our lives!