Passive Aggression

Jul 15, 2008

Walk into the stall. Flush.

Paper the seat. Flush.

Repaper the seat and sit. Real fast. Flush.

Grab some TP. Flush.

Stand, button, zip. Nothing.

Wave hand in front of motion sensor. Nothing.

Wave hand some more. Nothing.

Push little button. Flush.

Open stall door. Flush.

Close stall door. Flush.

3 Response to "Passive Aggression"

Anonymous Says:

That would have been Melody's nemesis. She's afraid of those self flushing things, you know. I kinda am too!

Jeff Says:

Glad to hear it's not just my son that has that phobia - is it a clinically recognized condition yet?

Son does his business, pauses... jumps up - grabs his ears - backs away - and steels himself for the inevitable.