What Not To Do

Nov 18, 2008

Today's quote of the day was inspired by the very long day of meetings and presentations we poor sales people must occasionally endure. And the teeth-grinding insipidity began at 9 AM, when the morning's first presenter quoted himself and included said self-quote on a slide. With attribution. And a date some 20+ years ago. And then he read it to us.

So. A few thoughts . . .

Lesson #1: Do NOT read your slides. Unless, in very rare instances, where the quote is so unbelievably poignant that not to read it would be a travesty. Maybe. Consider that every person in the audience also knows how to read. We like to think we're smart.

Lesson #2: Do NOT quote yourself. There are thousands upon thousands of brilliant quotes out there on the internets. Find one that makes your point better than you do. It'll make us think you're smart.

Lesson #3: Read Presentation Zen and/or study the presentations of our leader. Improving your performance (and not boring us to death) will make us think you're really smart.

Lesson #4: Consider emailing us your presentation and instead open a two-way conversation or tell some stories. Then, we won't grind our teeth next time you're in town. And we'll all feel pretty smart.

1 Response to "What Not To Do"

Liz Says:

"Dont quote yourself."

Will remember that. :)