What He Said

Jan 9, 2009

From: Gut's Best and Worst of 2008

First the BEST of the BEST

I am not a big fan of his message, but as a messenger, I'm open to what he's doing - I think. As long as he realizes he's the leader of the free world - and ALREADY won the popularity contest -then he needs to be comfortable being a prick. If he can do that, he might do wonders. But if he becomes obsessed with his image, we're screwed. See Jimmy Carter.
. . .
I've never seen a group of people (i'll say it: Hispanics) who work harder in my life, and for what? To be told they don't deserve to be here? Christ, they came here to make a life, and they work 100 hours a week. The sooner we figure out how to reward those who contribute so much, the better it is for all of us. They aren't villains. The system is.

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