When Dreams Attack

Jan 27, 2009

Woke this morning in full panic attack mode, inspired by one awful dream. A dream that combined the worst parts of lost friendship, bad work environments, financial mayhem, and showing up to the office with wet hair*. Good thing Handsome understands me enough to insist I sleep in a little and go to the office a couple hours late in order to restore my mental health.

* I know, I know. Most people dream of showing up in their underwear (or naked). Not me. I dream of showing up in less-than-full-combat-gear. And by "combat gear," I mean hair styled, make-up applied, heals and hosiery on . . . personal armor in place. Undone, I feel vulnerable. Which I hate.

Also, where were the dinosaurs and chewing gum? Maybe the wet hair intimidated them?

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