The Book Nerd

Feb 16, 2009

You all know I love to read. But did you know that when I'm not reading a book, I'm often listening to one? Like when I'm cooking dinner or cleaning, I'll often have an audio book playing. Handsome even got me a set of speakers with an iPod dock for the kitchen, so I can indulge my favorite pastime. (See: romantic)

Anyway, last night, I'm listening to Hot Six by Janet Evanovich, when the story comes around to the part where the protagonist is taking her dog out for an emergency walk after he had eaten two boxes of prunes. (You only think you know where this is going.) Suddenly, the very bad bad-guys drive up, grab the dog, and zoom away. Mayhem ensues.

All that to say: I laughed so hard, I couldn't catch my breath. And poor Handsome comes running down the stairs to see if I'm okay - only to find out I'm laughing at a book. And laughing harder telling him why I'm laughing.

Handsome: "You're such a nerd. Cute, but nerdy."

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