Feb 18, 2009

Last night wasn't a great night.

First off was my foul mood. Mostly attributable to the miserable fog that hung on all day yesterday, and also because I'm a real brat who likes her own way.

Things got better after a long walk with Handsome, though he did have to put up with the previously mentioned mood. That man is worth his weight in gold, I tell ya.

Got to sleep (relatively) early only to have incessant chewing gum dreams. All night long.

And finally woke this morning with a crick in my shoulder. Odd place. And it's inhibiting my range of motion, and it hurts like hell.

But. But! But, it's a beautiful, glorious, gorgeous spring day.

Wishing I was out there in the middle of it.

Side note: Is any one else mildly amused by the phrase Stimulus Package? No? Just me, huh? Well then. Guess it's just Jennifer's inner 12-year-old boy snickering, again.

1 Response to "Disturbed"

Leah Says:

Out here on the farm we see the stimulus a lot!

I thought I was the only brat who wanted her own way. Pastor, Sunday morning, said something about how to know if a child is spoiled or blessed. If they can take "No" they are blessed, if not, they are spoiled.

I guess I'm spoiled!