Attention Texas Parents

Mar 19, 2009

Four parents and a pregnant woman sued the state health department Thursday, claiming that its policy of storing infants' blood indefinitely for possible medical research is unconstitutional.
Since 1965, the state health department has been tasked with screening newborns for birth defects and other disorders under a law that does not require parental consent. In 2002, the health department decided to store the blood samples, so they could be used for possible research and other purposes, such as calibrating lab equipment, department spokesman Doug McBride said.

The state has since amassed 4.2 million samples at the A&M School of Rural Public Health in Bryan.

-From Austin American-Statesman

If you have a child born in Texas anytime in the last seven years, the state has a sample of his or her blood - and by default their entire genetic profile - and they never had to inform you or even get your consent. This is outrageous!

1 Response to "Attention Texas Parents"

Leah Says:

Oh, that makes me nauseous.
And everyone wonders why I want a home birth!!!