Sweet Home

Apr 8, 2009

Mockingbird and Dove perched at opposite ends of a wide flat rock blocking the center of short babbling brook. Mockingbird dipped for water; Dove waddled a little closer.

Lady Mockingbird and Lady Dove guarded nests hidden within the shadows of an ancient oak whose branches sprawled in all directions, shielding a green pond whose tranquil waters fed the tiny stream.

A family of turtles basked in an afternoon glow on some long-fallen log near the shore, while a frog in search of lunch swam toward a cluster of water bugs congregating next to the stand of umbrella grass hiding a miniature waterfall.

Mockingbird whistled his joy; Dove cooed in agreement.

2 Response to "Sweet Home"

Le Says:

Do you always hear life in story book narrative?

knighton Says:

pretty much

makes for interesting people-watching, too. ;-)