Apr 16, 2009

Wake up at 3:30 AM with nightmares about missing my flight. Get up and get ready . . . got to the airport early. Flight was on time.

Change planes in Charlotte, NC. Where the airport restrooms have attendants and offer hand lotion, mouthwash, mints, and hygiene products. And there are rocking chairs in the hallways. Southern hospitality at its best.

Make it to Atlanta. Rental car. Hotel. Do some work. Get back in the car and head to a business dinner.

And then . . .

Then, I rear-ended a Land Rover.


Not to worry. No airbags deployed; no one was hurt; the damage was cosmetic. Everyone's OK.

And then . . .

Then, I got a ticket.

*double sigh*

And was an hour late to dinner. At least there was wine.

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