May 12, 2009

Mother's Day was busy for us, with two large family gatherings. At the earlier event, with Handsome's family, my sister-in-law made me a corsage, too. In fact, every woman at the table (young and old, mother or not) wore flowers. It was one of the kindest gestures I've ever experienced.

I don't quite know how to express how I felt that afternoon. Grateful, loved, humbled, and something else I can't describe.

The women in my life, the mothers and sisters and friends, are amazing blessings to me. They are each generous, wise, and kind, every single one. And I am blessed to be counted in their number, and blessed that I can share in a little mothering joy.

Thanks Deanna. Love you.

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Anonymous Says:

Your corsage was made as a symbol of my respect for such an awesome,fun-loving person, who in my eyes should be recognized as a wonderful woman who happens to also be a true sister of my heart!You may not have children but you bring such joy,comfort and laughter to all who have the priviledge of knowing you! Soo.. In response to your beautiful blog.. Thank you for being a part of my life and for being a Mangia sister who just understands...
Deanna! :o)