The Land of the Living

May 20, 2009

Well, I survived the ravages of that awful illness. Maybe a cold or the flu, who knows. I went through a box and a half of Tylenol cold, two bags of Ricola, half a bottle of Chloraseptic, and about three boxes of tissues (and counting).

And Handsome put up with a whole lot of whining, complaining, and general self-pity.

For me, the biggest problem with illness is feeling powerless, dependent, and defenseless. And I have absolutely no experiences to support those feelings. My kind and generous husband is powerful enough, strong enough, to defend and protect me.

He can take care of our little universe when I can't. I don't carry our world on my shoulders. And it's probably a little arrogant to think that even the least bit possible.

Note to self: Trust your husband. AND stop whining and apologizing for things beyond your control. It's annoying when you do that.

1 Response to "The Land of the Living"

Leah Says:

Ditto on the apologizing for things beyond my control.
Why do we do thar?