20 Years of Silence

Jun 4, 2009

Remember this?

Do remember. Remember that not all the walls fell. That communism isn't defeated. That people were killed that day, and every day since.

If "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing," then remember the man in front of the tanks.

Remember that he was never heard from again.

3 Response to "20 Years of Silence"

Anonymous Says:

America was shocked 20 ago at the time, now 20 years later America is no longer shocked but turning into a country much like China - ungodly,
uncaring,communist - Big Brother is Watching You.

knighton Says:

Shocked and appalled, as I remember. I was the same age as many of those student protesters, and it's stuck with me and I hope with my peers.

I can only hope that those students are still trying to make a different in their country. We can only pray they succeed . . . eventually.

And pray that we don't find tanks on our city streets some day.

Anonymous Says:

Amen to that. Mom