What He Said

Jun 18, 2009

I see verses that say, “Teach these things to faithful men.” I don’t see “Teach these things to people who are hardly there and do little if anything.”

I see verses that say, “Do not cast your pearls before swine.” I don’t see “Cast all your pearls before swine, I mean, you know, if they ever show up.”

The Church is not an institution for the World. People mess this one up all the time. It is specifically given (Ephesians 4) for the edification of the saints. It’s for the saints not the world. You can’t run the Church off worldly wisdom but on the Wisdom of its Head, Jesus Christ.

-Jeff Weddle, Anti-Itch Meditation

Adding to this, I'm saddened by the lack of serious discipleship in so many modern churches. Please don't teach me 5 easy ways to live a happier, more productive, wealthier life. Please don't cherry-pick the scriptures and then bend them to support your "message." Please don't pretend that your self-help psycho-babble has anything to do with following Christ.

Please DO teach me how to conform myself to Him; encourage me to draw closer to Him so that He can change my heart. It's only in becoming a little-Christ that one can successfully leave the walls of the church to reach the world.

Please DO re-read the book of Titus. For all our sakes.

2 Response to "What He Said"

Leah Says:

It amazes me that if you read a little of the Bible, you'll find Jesus visiting a synagogue in Galilee and reading from the book of Isaiah.
He then reveals his Diety.

My point here, is that Jesus read straight from scripture. IN CHURCH.

Sometimes I wonder if pastors wouldn't do a better job to just stand up, read the scripture and dismiss. I don't need another man's interpretation of what scripture says, I need the Holy Spirit to do the translating. I am sure that one chapter can reveal something to me and something totally different to you. Scripture speaks to us all, right where we are in life.

Am I off subject?

knighton Says:

Not off subject. I'm more getting at church leadership expanding what Jesus intended the church to be.

"Go ye into all the world" is our purpose as little-Christs, and the job of a pastor is to make sure those of us who claim to follow Jesus actually do and become more like Him.

Mostly, I feel like the leaders of these major evangelical congregations, and of the smaller ones who seek the same popularity, are more concerned with the quantity of their membership rather than the quality.

I guess I've spent too much time too close to the fire.