Lessons from a Weekend in the Garden

Jul 1, 2009

Leave the heavy lifting to the men folks.

Buy twice as much potting soil and plants as you think you need.

Plan on more than one trip to the home improvement store. (For more potting soil. And plants.)

Save the receipts and labels. (Something will have to go back . . . probably on the fourth or fifth trip.)

Wear sunscreen. And Off.

Don't spray Off in your face. You'll get a rash.

Don't get Off in your eyes. Or your mouth. Your mouth will go numb and your eyes will sting.

Don't wipe your forehead or nose with the back of your dirty garden gloves. (Sweat plus dirt = mud. Snot plus dirt = sticky mud.)

Wear gloves and a hat.

Keep the Neosporin and Band-Aids handy. (The rose bush has plans for world domination.)

Drink lots of water. Lots of cold, cold water.

Enjoy yourself, even if you're doing manual labor in 106 degree heat.

Reward your husband for all his hard work and patience and the seven trips to the home improvement store. With barbeque on the patio, where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

2 Response to "Lessons from a Weekend in the Garden"

Leah Says:

LOL! This is hysterical!
Oh my.

Off=mix cinnamon oil, clove oil and cedar oil, possibly add in some citronella oil. Homemade, non-toxic, pest repellant!

knighton Says:


We redid the back patio container garden, including new patio furniture.

I'll try to post some before & after photos later. We worked hard, and I'm happy with the result.