Jul 21, 2009

A few movie reviews:

Let's start with the worst, first, shall we? This movie was ghastly. Stupid and confusing plot, followed by a meaningless apocalyptic ending. Everybody dies. Except for some random children who are abducted by aliens (where did they come from) for no apparent reason. It's like the story is moving along just fine but the writers couldn't figure out how to end it, so they march in the stalker extraterrestrials. Yeah, that makes sense. Do yourself a favor and skip this one - even if it does have Nicholas Cage.

Hot Rod
So ridiculously funny, that I watched it two nights in a row. And kept rewinding, so I could laugh again and again. Two weeks later, we're still quote this silly adventure. It's what Napoleon Dynamite wished it had been, except with a fake mustache. This is slapstick humor AND dry humor perfectly combined. Rent it. You won't be disappointed.

Gran Torino
The feel good movie of the year for a reason. Clint Eastwood is at his best - a perfect combination of Josey Wales and Dirty Harry. He's gritty and angry and haunted, and his soul is saved by the very people he initially despises. A riveting story of redemption, sacrifice, and love, and a really beautiful car. And Clint Eastwood. See it.

This one's still in theaters, though you'll have to find the local indie theater to see it. Most definitely a space drama, but really it's a suspense-filled drama about the nature of personhood and identity that happens to be set in space. It's also more proof what an excellent actor Sam Rockwell is. This is one of those films that I'll probably add to the DVD collection, but may or may not ever watch again. Like 2001 or Passion of the Christ - haunting and powerful.

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