Aug 24, 2009

The house has a new roof. Installed with actual nails and complete with new roof vents. But, the interior now smells like fresh tar paper. Is that normal? Maybe it's just the god-forsaken heat?

The car has a new radio. Complete with an AUX input and a charging iPod adapter. We can connect an iPod and an iPhone at that same time. Which is very cool, but ridiculously geeky.

I got new running shoes, tax-free this weekend. It's amazing how good a shoe can feel when you consult professional running-shoe-salespeople. RunTex is a wonderful place. So wonderful they provide free, cold water on Austin's Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail. And they will take $10 off your purchase when you recycle your used running shoes, which they then donate to the homeless. Good people.

My fruit flavored employer announced our new operating system today, resulting in a deluge of phone calls. My brain is fried, and I'm going home now.


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