DMV = Diversity in Action

Sep 1, 2009

Everyone was there this morning:

The tattooed guy with an ankle monitor. (Not suggesting that tattoos lead to the kinds of criminal activity that necessitate ankle monitors. Just observing.)

The middle-aged real estate agent who engaged everyone in conversation. (Loud, boring, trite conversation. Sales people are all alike.)

The blonde bombshell in stiletto heels, carrying a ridiculously giant handbag. (One wonders how she stood in line for an hour in those shoes and with that weight on her arm!)

The huge black man carrying a tiny little girl dressed in a profusion of pink ruffles. (He was also carrying her giant sparkly, pink diaper bag, which on him looked teeny-tiny.)

The octogenarian who lost his driver's license. (And who forgot to bring his wallet or any form of photo identification with him. Wondering if he should really be driving?)

An assortment of messy teenagers and well-groomed immigrants taking driving tests. (Whose excess of parents and family filled every available chair in the place and most of the prime leaning spots on the walls.)

And yours truly. (Possibly the strangest of the bunch.)

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