Doing It Backwards

Sep 23, 2009

Cook chicken. Cook veggies. Cook rice. In that order.

Bringing hot food to the plate all at the same time: FAIL

*shakes head and sighs*

On the upside, tried a new chicken recipe with a white wine reduction. It called for mustard and sour cream, but since I have neither on hand, I sauteed onions, artichoke hearts, and fresh spinach with butter, seasoned with fennel*, parsley, pepper, and sea salt. Stirred in the reduction, et voila - seriously delicious dinner.

fennel seed, which I minced by hand with my big chef's knife. By hand. Which was an adventure unto itself, what with all the projectile fennel bits that kept flying around the kitchen. I'll be sweeping the pieces out of corners for a decade, I swear. Note to self: buy spice mill.

2 Response to "Doing It Backwards"

Ronnie and Leah Says:

What went wrong? Did you cook your meal in that order? or is that just advice for the rest of us? ;)

knighton Says:

Cooked in the wrong order. So the chicken was done. Then I started the veggies. Then when those were cooked, and the chicken already cold, I decided I'd like some rice to go with it all. Which takes 15 minutes.

So, hot rice, cold everything else.

The secret is to start the chicken and rice at the same time, but hold the veggies till the moment you cover the rice to simmer. That way it's all done at the same time.