Red Lipstick

Nov 5, 2009

I think every woman should have a tube or three of red lipstick, one that is absolutely perfect for her skin-tone and personality. I happen to have about a dozen tubes of red lipstick, because I just love it and can't resist new colors.

But, for posterity, I'll share my current favorite: NARS Rouge D'Enfer*

It's luscious and satiny, goes on perfect every time even without lip liner, and it moisturizes lips all day long. I always feel like a million bucks wearing it. And unlike many other red lipsticks I've tried, I don't feel like "HERE COME JENNIFER'S LIPS!" Mostly, I feel like, "Watch out world, here comes Jennifer!" And that's a pretty good feeling.

*Should I be worried that Rouge D'Enfer means "Red From Hell"? Because it sounds . . . naughty? . . . wicked? . . . sinful? Ou peut-ĂȘtre "Rouge D'Enfer" est parfait pour moi. Non?

3 Response to "Red Lipstick"

Leah Says:

yep. perfect. ;)

Every woman should have red lipstick? I disagree.
I just don't even feel comfortable with red lips anymore. Makes me feel out of place. Mom with pink lips, that's me. ;)

knighton Says:

Pink lips always make me feel like Barbie, sadly. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Red for you, too! You are one feisty gal; you need red!

Leah Says:

well, not pink, but darker mauves, you know. not quite in the red mood for lips in a long time.