In Retrospect & With Anticipation

Jan 1, 2010

I've spent much of today thinking about the past year. Things I've done, wished I'd done, and wished I hadn't done. I took a look back at the writing of the year, and stumbled upon this, from January 7, 2009:

So, here is my resolution: To think, speak, and behave kindly to others, especially my families. To diffuse bitterness when possible, and to ignore it otherwise. God, help me.

Somewhere along the year, perhaps in response to having written it down, I've adopted kindness as one of my goals in life. I am not always kind, far from it. But I'm trying very hard to just be kind to people, especially those I love. If I have been unkind toward you, please forgive my failure and please bear with me as I work this out in fear and trembling.

And for this year, I resolve to live in kindness and patience. To do something new every week and every month. To entertain friends and to meet new ones. But most of all, I resolve to reboot: to jump off the proverbial cliff into the dreams Handsome and I have for this life. To take a risk and know that we can do anything, and if we fail, we can fail spectacularly and with the great joy of having done something we never thought we could. God, help us.

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