79 Pricks Later (or The Universe Is Telling Me Something)

Jan 8, 2010

It's official: I am allergic to Central Texas. To ALL the trees, ALL the grasses, ALL the molds, and BOTH cats AND dogs. Every single thing they test for. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. It is any wonder I suffer year-round?

Wanna see a picture? Sure you do! At least I want to share it with you because if I got nothing else out of the experience, it's the opportunity to prove what I've been whining about. Caution: partial dorsal nudity ahead.

That was at eight o'clock this morning. And it STILL hurts. And sucks, actually.

The upside to all this allergy testing and prick tests and pain is that I have a perfect excuse for moving to the beach . . .

It's for my health.

2 Response to "79 Pricks Later (or The Universe Is Telling Me Something)"

Leah Says:

And you will be getting the allergy shots, right? Keep at them and don't stop until you're finished. I heard if you stop in the middle the allergies will get worse.

Perhaps I should have a go at this too. Bleck!

knighton Says:

Yes, will be getting the shots. Should start the regimen within the next month . . . for 3-5 years. *le sigh*

But, I'm looking forward to NOT being allergic to everything. It wears on the psyche.