On worthiness

Mar 10, 2010

Lightning struck a bundle of cells and sparked a heartbeat, brain waves, fingerprints.


Created by Something Divine, extraordinary, unknowable. And a spark became a raging inferno of personality, soul, intellect, heart.

I am worthy.

A brushstroke upon an infinite canvas. A solitary note in an eternal symphony. A grain of sand upon a wide, wide shore, constantly caressed by a fathomless ocean.

The whole of the universe is incomplete without me. Without you. Without us.

We are worthy.

Of love; of hope; of dreams; of passion; of tears; of minor miracles that make this life somehow less lonely.

Inspired by Brené Brown's Week of Worthiness.

5 Response to "On worthiness"

What She Says:

On the contrary, we are so unworthy.

knighton Says:

Respectfully disagree. If you accept that the creator of the universe was willing to sacrifice everything for you - then you must also accept that your value in his eyes in without measure.

You are worthy of his love, this life . . . if for no other reason than he created you and paid an eternal price for you. You are a prize of great worth.

Brené Says:

What an amazing post. Thank you.

"Your value in His eyes is without measure."


knighton Says:

Thank you, Brené. You've unknowingly turned my life on its head this week.

God bless you.

What She Says:

Well, I guess we are looking at the same coin from two different sides.

You see, we are like a little rag doll that has been dirtied and torn. Worthless.
Yet, the little girl who owns the rag doll loves it immeasurably.

That is how I see God loving us. Completely worthless, yet He loves us. I find it absolutely breathtaking.