Starting the Day off Weird*

Mar 26, 2010

A customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to know what kind of car I drive before sending in his purchase order.  He asked said question via a colleague.  Weird.  And creepy.

Listened to this awful song on the radio during my morning commute.  And the truly frightening mash up, skip to 1:45.  Fish + accordions = weird.

Facilities has decided to remodel our break-room during the last week of the fiscal quarter.  An entire building of salespeople are on caffeine withdrawal while high from paint fumes.  Total disaster.  But, TGI weird Friday.

I have never traveled time in a DeLorean. That would be weird and awesome!

And possibly the weirdest of all: watched a few minutes of House Bunny before bed, but woke up with Run to the Hills running through my brain.  WTH?

*I think this town is finally getting to me.  But, also, I love Austin.

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