Chicken on the Drums*

Apr 21, 2010

Don't panic.

That's what I told myself all day as I waited in anticipation of the delivery of a set of wine red drums. Which my drum teacher would be helping me assemble and tune. And then play.

Don't panic.

So, we set up the kit and got to work. But not before I admitted my anxiety, my perfectionist tendencies, and my serious fear of playing any kind of instrument in front of another human being. And also my crush on a world-renowned drummer, to whose skill I could never hope to aspire.

He thought that was ok and we got to work. And you know what? To my astonishment, it wasn't bad or scary or intimidating. Well, maybe a little intimidating. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I ended the lesson with a huge ridiculous smile on my face.

Because that? That was a whole hell of a lot of fun. And if I hadn't been playing for over an hour already, I'd practice a little more. I'm having a blast!

*Bonus points for catching the reference.

5 Response to "Chicken on the Drums*"

Leah Says:

I want an acoustic guitar! Then we can play in a band together! Wouldn't that be so cool!

knighton Says:

I am having more fun that I ever imagined. Haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face since Wednesday!

Leah Says:

I can only imagine. Just wait until we can get out there to visit to see how the boys react! *snicker*

Pammer Says:

Ohhh! Awesome.

I played snare in high school - and still miss the feel of the sticks in my hand.

You will be so ridiculously badass at the end of this.

knighton Says:

I hope so, Pammer. At least I'm having fun doing it!