Outrageous and Disgusting

Apr 29, 2010


So if a multinational corporation is slowly poisoning its customers, it can contribute to a cancer foundation (which will gladly accept the money) to alleviate their non-existent conscience from any potential culpability to the illness and death of the aforementioned customers.

Because KFC is "sensitive" to the health concerns of their customers. Sure, they're sensitive. They just don't really give a damn if their food slowly destroys the health and well-being of the individuals who eat their garbage.

I did not realize that fast food chains were run by the tobacco industry. But I'm not surprised.

5 Response to "Outrageous and Disgusting"

Leah Says:

I'm confused. Where is your link about a national corporation poisoning its customers? I only see a link for donating to KFC cancer foundation.
Also, where is the proof (for lack of a better word) that fast food chains are fun by tobacco industry? I'd like more info on that.

knighton Says:

Ok, so first, the tobacco company comment was sarcastic. The tobacco industry contributes millions to anti-smoking campaigns and cancer research foundations, meanwhile they create an addicting product that is known to contribute to cancer.

Likewise, KFC provides a fat-laden, high-sodium product that contributes to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. Giving money to a breast cancer research foundation while their products contribute to the same disease is hypocritical.

AND, a cancer research foundation accepting funds from the very companies (KFC, Big Tobacco, or anyone) is counter-productive to find a cure - because part of the cure is prevention.

Leah Says:


Leah Says:


Leanne Says:

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