Jennifer the Amazing Human Pincushion: Round 3

May 26, 2010

Today marks the last day of 8-shot allergist visits. By the end of the day, I'll have completed the rough equivalent of three months of allergy shots, all since last Wednesday.  And I'll get to slow down to the more modest pace of four shots a week for the next month.

All I'm really trying to say is this better work.  Because if I'm going to walk around with a dozen bruises the size of needle punctures on my arms, I better see some results, dammit.

I should also mention that my appointment last Friday went exceedingly well, but I was so completely out of it that evening that I was stumbling around having really slow conversations with the Husband formerly known as Handsome, but not really finishing any of my sentences.  He says is was pathetic.  And hilarious.  I don't really remember much.

Anyway, I blame it on the shots.  And the Benadryl I took afterward.

3 Response to "Jennifer the Amazing Human Pincushion: Round 3"

Leah Says:

Why is your Husband "formerly known" as Handsome? Isn't he still handsome?

knighton Says:

Oh yes, he's still Handsome! It's sorta like that time Prince changed his name to a symbol and no one could pronounce it, so everyone referred to him as The Artist formerly known as Prince. Except for different reasons.

Leah Says:

Yeah, but that symbol means "Prince" so he didn't really change his name. Husband ≠ Handsome all the time. What gives?