Life List #38: Grow a Kitchen Garden - the (Early) Fruits of My Labor

Jun 14, 2010

Last night, I finally served up five tiny cherry tomatoes that I grew myself. Allow me to present the results:
I prepared a Caprese-style salad with balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil from my garden. Well, it was really a Insalata Caprese amuse bouche so small was the serving.  Still - perfect.

3 Response to "Life List #38: Grow a Kitchen Garden - the (Early) Fruits of My Labor"

Pammer Says:


I'm thinking of what to do to start my LifeList garden. Tomatoes are my favorite - partly because I love them and partly because my paternal grandfather had a tomato company out in Stockton, CA and so we were schooled on "good" tomatoes. ;)

I bet yours were delicious.

knighton Says:

You can't go wrong with tomatoes, especially with our heat. I used to eat them right off the vine in my grandmother's garden.

Nothing tastes quite as good as a home-grown tomato!

Annah Says:

That doesn't only look yummy, but healthy. Bon appetit.