Mighty Life List #38: Grow a Kitchen Garden (Sorta)

Jun 3, 2010

So far, we have tomatoes:

and basil:
We've been enjoying the basil and parsley (in the same pot but currently being eaten by some butterfly larvae, which I am allowing to live and enjoy the herbs of my labor because I like butterflies and can't bear to destroy tiny living creatures. And really, if it only costs me a little parsley to grow a butterfly, it's totally worth the sacrifice.  I mean, I can buy more parsley at the grocery store, but I don't think I can buy butterflies.)  I also have rosemary in another pot, plotting to take over the world (because that's what plants do!)

Anyway, I'm really hoping the tomatoes ripen soon, so I CAN EAT THEM!  Nom Nom Nom

4 Response to "Mighty Life List #38: Grow a Kitchen Garden (Sorta)"

Spokeit Says:

That's so weird! One of mine was plant a garden and I started it today! Love the blog, by the way!

knighton Says:

Yay! Post pictures?

And thanks!

Annah Says:

Hmmm I love basil for lasagna and parsley for shrimp. YUMMMM-eeeeee

knighton Says:

I'm pretty sure I love basil and parsley in almost everything. ;-)