See? Told Ya.

Sep 29, 2010

Smallest plane ever:
That was Monday afternoon. Today I rode back to Denver in what was probably the exact same plane, with a pilot who can't be two years out of high school, through non-stop turbulence. I kept my eyes closed the whole flight. It was almost enough to give a girl a phobia.

Because I have no real fear of flying. But when sitting in a little tin can like this, flying through the air a few miles above the surface of the planet, you realize that there is really nothing at all between you and a smear on the ground but a thin sheet of metal being pummeled by violent winds. Disturbing.

2 Response to "See? Told Ya."

Pammer Says:

You couldn't get me on that thing if my life depended on it.

You are officially the bravest person I know.

knighton Says:

I'm doing it for the money. ;-)