In Which I Reexamine the Past Year. A Little.

Dec 9, 2010

I've been quietly following the responses to the prompts, and thought I'd add a few of my own:

1. One Word for 2010. One word for 2011.
This year has been about CHANGE more than anything else. It started last December with a commitment to Reboot 2010, and hasn't let up. There's been a new job, of course, but also new hobbies, new travel, more activity, and less rest. I'd like to see 2011 be a peaceful year, and not just meaning less change. I want to cultivate PEACE in my relationships, in my career, in my home.

3. Moment. Describe one moment during which you felt most alive.
Sitting in a restaurant on the Florida coast, on the terrace, looking at the ocean. The moon was rising through pirate clouds and the wind was a caress on my cheek. Palm fronds rustled overhead, and one lonely seagull cried in the night. The smell of hot pizza drifted toward me, as I sipped a glass of red wine. And I stopped mid-motion, overcome with a sense that all was right in the world, that today is a perfect day, everything will be just fine. Peace.

4. Wonder. How did you cultivate a sensor of wonder this hear.
Drum lessons. I feel like a child everytime I sit down at my kit. It's play, but I'm learning a new talent. And I marvel that something as simple as hitting things with sticks can provide so much sheer joy.

8. Beautifully different. Reflect in the things that make you different; you'll find they're what make you beautiful.
I have found this prompt most difficult to answer. Mainly because I've never found myself particularly beautiful. Pretty maybe, but not beautiful. Still, I know what I like about myself. I have a quirky sense of humor that sometimes confuses people, but which makes me laugh. I ask difficult questions, especially about faith, and I really try to work out the answers. I'm skeptical, stubborn, opinionated. I don't think any of these things make me different, but at least they make life interesting. Oh, and I have really pretty green eyes.

You could try a few of the prompts too. They're all listed at

Have fun.

2 Response to "In Which I Reexamine the Past Year. A Little."

Pam Says:

"pirate clouds" is the phrase of the DAY.


And you are so very pretty. :)

knighton Says:

thank you. so much.