I See the Strangest Things

Nov 14, 2007

- A dually conversation van. It seems out of place in Seattle. Now, in the south, I could imagine a nice redneck family tricking it out with custom paint and a gun rack.

- Bicycle cops at the airport. Granted Sea-Tac is a huge airport, by why not give them one of those golf carts? Or a segway? Maybe they just pissed off their boss.

- Boxer shorts hanging out of baggy jeans. On a girl. At a crosswalk. And her whole bottom was out there for all the world to see, not just the top couple inches. Perhaps she'll get a degree in marketing. She certainly got my attention, and that of several men.

1 Response to "I See the Strangest Things"

Leah Says:

Did I ever tell you about the time after we moved down here when me, mom and the kids went to Wal*Mart?
Two girls in very short shorts were in front of us at the register. The tops of the shorts were so low that my boys noticed their thongs hanging out of the top. Their but cheeks were hanging out the bottom of the "shorts".
They said, "Mom!?" with great alarm. I loudly said, "I know boys, just look the other way."
I got a nasty glare from one of them, but honestly!