Socks: A Metaphor for Love

Nov 17, 2007

In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels, socks are a recurring theme. Harry's first pair of socks are holey castoffs from a family that despises his very existence. Later, new friends and an adopted family provide him with nubby, woolen socks as an expression their care and love. Eventually, he begins to return the gift of socks to those he holds closest to his heart.

Now, every time I find a pair of soft, funny, or warm socks, I am reminded of the simple acts of kindness that display so much tenderness for others. Love isn't always found in extravagance. (Though who I am to complain if someone wants to shower me with jewelry and designer handbags.) Love is always found in the little things - kind words softly spoken, a gentle touch when life gets rocky, and fuzzy socks.

1 Response to "Socks: A Metaphor for Love"

Leah Says:

I had some friends in college give me some fuzzy socks. Though I no longer have them, I do remember exactly who gave them to me.
Some say that no one remembers who gave them what for Christmas the year before, but I do. I take special delight in the things people have given me, and I remember them each time I wear or use said item.
For instance, I wore a bracelet that you gave me, many years ago, to a ball game last week. As my children each commented on how pretty it was, I was delighted to tell them it was a gift from Aunt Jennifer!
I am blessed by you.
Can't wait to see you!