Earnest Request

Dec 12, 2007

Some of you may have noticed (at least I've noticed) that my friend Jeff of
Jesus' Nerdy Little Brother
fame has killed his blog. Again.

Well, he killed it a couple months ago, actually. And a year-and-a-half ago before that. But it was part of my daily blog-visiting regimen, and I looked forward to reading from a college friend. And the name was pretty great.

One can just see a younger version of the Big Guy working on an abacus, keeping accounts for the carpentry shop, building a rudimentary calculator out of leftover scraps from the wood pile. Wondering why his older brother got all the cool abilities. Sure JNLB invented the first punch card, but what does that compare with wine flowing out of the garden well? And let's not get started about dinner (not to mention leftovers) or day-trips to the beach. It's just not fair.

But I digress. Jeff, if you're out there, it's time to come back. Refresh your template and start writing. Again. Again.

1 Response to "Earnest Request"

Jeff Says:

i'm in ur blogz reeden ur intreez

I can't bring myself to blog anymore. I'm not brave enough to wear my heart and mind on my sleeve out here in the wide open. However, I have committed to begin contributing to April's blog at aprilmagoo.blogspot.com. Nothing special, just something simple and plain. Sunday nights as I have time I'll put something up there.

And thanks for the kind words and for reading. I liked the name of the old blog, too. I liked thinking of Jesus Christ the Messiah, talking and playing around with is little bro, loving him unconditionally even with all of his annoying little idiosyncrasies, not more than he loved all of humanity, but personally, the way i imagine brothers can. When he was older, he didn't support Christ in his ministry, calling him crazy and telling him to come back to earth and (if i remember right) take care of his mom like a good son. I hope that later in life he came to know Jesus the Messiah even if he didn't before he died. I don't know. Maybe another reader does?