The Reason God Made Nutmeg

Dec 11, 2007

Spinach. Not eggnog, contrary to popular opinion.

Ok, so try this:

Saute some diced onions in butter and olive oil. Real butter. Margarine is not butter. Trust me in this. You can use scallions or cipollini or shallots or Texas 1015 - whatever you like. It doesn't really matter.

So, cook the onions till they're nice and tender. That means transparent. You know this.


Add in half a bag of cleaned baby spinach that you bought at the HEB on a whim. Saute the spinach with the onions until its just wilted. Be careful here. You HATE IT when spinach is overcooked. (That means a green mess of stringy goo.)

Take it all off the heat. Quick or it'll overcook like you hate! Add fresh ground pepper, sea salt, and a dash or three of nutmeg. "To taste" - whatever the heck that means. Stir till all the spices are mixed in.

Serve with scrambled eggs or as a side dish to grilled chicken or roast pork loin. Yummy.

And you thought you didn't like spinach.

1 Response to "The Reason God Made Nutmeg"

Leah Says:

Mmmmm.... That sounds really good. I may have to cook some tonight to eat before it gets too old. I'm sure my Beloved will love it!
God also made Nutmeg for Pumpkin Bread. Mmmmmm!